The World’s First Decentralized Value Management Platform

Next-generation asset management platform with Blockchain technology.

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Why Twogap ?



Much better data. Much better analysis. Stable analytics. Users are in control of all information and transactions.



Unleash the power of Smart Contract with smart decision making tools.



Unknown unknowns are revealed. Better vision means better decisions.



By eliminating third party intermediaries and overhead costs for exchanging assets.


Maximum Security

Invulnerable to hacks and intrusion. Immutability cannot be altered or deleted.


Support 24/7

Your own team of experts 24/7.



Our token (TGW) is redeemable and tradable.



Blockchain transactions can reduce transaction times to seconds and are processed 24/7.


Streaming of payments

Multisignature addresses and bidirectional payment channels will change the way that portfolios are funded and dividends are distributed.

Who are we?

"Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story."- Casey Stengel

  • Luong Hoang Anh

    Developer & Founder

    Luong is a serial entrepreneur and Dreamer. Previously, Luong had founded and advised various companies in Singapore & the US in blockchain, e-commerce, and sharing economy startups. He's also a Twogap tech lead and developer. He's working days and nights to change the Asset management game with blockchain technology. He has strong beliefs that the future is Value Management. Everything changes to become Value Markets that are unrelated to Capital Markets, a redefinition based on Trust and not someone else’s version of it.

  • Mark Schwartz

    Executive Consultant

    Mark Schwartz is a technology attorney and blockchain evangelist. His role was to structure complex technology relationships and strategic alliances for Fortune 500 organizations. Deal values ranged from $200M-$2.3B. He now concentrates on blockchain technology and Twogap. He clarifies the problem that Twogap technology is trying to solve, ensures that the technical model is sound, and that the financial mechanisms will function as planned.

  • Gil Bindelglas


    Gil Bindelglas is a principal with KUH Associates. He focuses his practice on advising organizations on properly engaging a technology provider and managing the relationship through the natural lifecycle. He has guided clients in various types of transactions, including blockchain. Gil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Arts Degree in International Affairs. Gil even created and produced an award winning documentary, From Philadelphia to Fallujah, which was broadcast on CBS in 2012.

  • Kate Abate


    Kate Abate is COO and Director of Research for KUH Associates. Kate has extensive experience assisting clients in the research and analysis of complex business, technology, legal, and regulatory issues. She places a strong concentration on issues relating to data privacy and security and emerging blockchain technology. Kate graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, California. Kate is a professional athlete and, in 2014, she earned her Pro Card with the IFBB in the Bikini Pro category.

  • Ngoc Minh


    Product design @Twogap. Lover of games, arts, and movies. Minh is a senior graphic designer in Japan where he lived for 5 years, he's also an user experience designer, especially in UX/UI. Minh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Designed and Applied Arts at The University of Tokyo (Todai) . He recently spends most of his time working on various blockchain platforms,especially Twogap. He's also whiteboard ninja, visual thinker, and great artist.


    Generalist consultant

    Generalist consultant with experience at Monitor Deloitte. Wharton BS/MA graduate in Economics and Statistics, MPA degree holder from the Fels Institute of Government, MEng in Systems Engineering from Penn. Ex World Economic Forum, World Bank, Guggenheim Venture Partners. Samuel has developed pitch decks and business plans that have successfully secured pre-revenues funding for startups such as Cura, Craze, Strategic Asset Management, Rocketblox, Welldone, and Trafigura.


    Executive Assistant

    Mauricio is 25 years old and studying Marketing in his last year of college. Currently he's working as a Executive Assistant where he has strengthen his personal and business skills in administrative duties. Mauricio considers himself a person with a positive attitude, who likes to take challenges and opportunities. His hobbies are reading books, playing videos, participating in sports, and cooking.


    Blockchain Developer

    Anandan Pandurangan is a Results-driven Entrepreneur with a talent for building key relationships to enhance company growth and objectives while maintaining a thorough understanding of leveraging existing and emerging technologies to drive business goals and is a Blockchain & Ethereum Consultant. He has experience in developing large-scale infrastructures for Blockchain startups such as and

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will TwoGap be doing token launch, and when would it occur?
    Twogap will launch token sale (ICO) in December 2017. The exact date is TBD.
  • How is TwoGap different from other asset managers, like giant Blackrock ?
    We use blockchain as our base technology. Also, at first phase, we only focus on bond and crypto assets .
  • Why Two gap, does your name have any meaning?
    Twogap refers to Two-gap model, which is the proposition that development of less developed countries is constrained by two gaps: that between domestic savings and the investment required for take-off, and that between export revenues and the imports needed for development. Also, two-gap is the name of a defense technique in American football. Well, we're defending your values too.
  • What are the biggest benefits of using an Decentralized Asset Management platform?
    There are lots of benefits(really too much to count). But the biggest benefits is it will democratize and open up Capital Markets in ways and create ‘super liquidity’ events people don’t yet understand. We'll not change the asset management game, we're changing the whole world.
  • How soon can I get a Demo?
    The mockup design is already available. The demo in test net will be available in December 2017.
  • What is Value Management? What's the difference between Value Management and Asset Management?
    Value Management is a very new term, according to @Nickayton . He said "Blockchain is the redefinition of the rules of engagement for Asset Management. It creates a new Asset Management ecosystem that I call Value Management as the end to end process is managed by Smart Contracts and a new Value-Based User Interface to support the new world of Prosumers. A world where transparency and risk are known and managed ahead of time; where all trades on any asset is known and seen by all, and where decision-making is immediate, based on a full understanding of who (at each end of the transaction). Everything changes to become Value Markets that are unrelated to Capital Markets, a redefinition based on Trust and not someone else’s version of it."'Asset Management will disappear to be replaced by Value Management, a capital as a measure will be squeezed as new assessments and tokens for value become the new norm."
  • Any more benefits?
    As we said, there's too many to count. But a great mind (@Nickayton @BlockchainX1) has written in his article : "The cost benefits of Asset Management wrapped in Blockchain will deliver a 50{d41f1536144603bff90829f388457c4be76b24e0368aa2bf94e90c32d71499c1} to 70{d41f1536144603bff90829f388457c4be76b24e0368aa2bf94e90c32d71499c1} immediate reduction in cost, speed up execution time to milliseconds and where everything is transparent, removing the need to check time and again, reconcile different versions of the Truth, and hours trying to piece together the story of (and behind) each trade as Blockchain delivers the killer blow – The Golden Source."
  • What is your token's name? The purpose of your token?
    Twogap Wealth ( TGW) FYI. TGW token is required to be used for any activity on the platform. The TGW token provides the purchaser with the mere opportunity to access, use and participate in the TwoGap technology protocol (similar to purchasing an access key in order to unlock software installed on a device) and does not otherwise include any investment interests. TGW tokens will, therefore, satisfy the Howey test.
  • What is the Twogap App?
    The Twogap App is a multi-asset blockchain wallet supporting all kind of financial assets, especially cryptocurrencies. Users are able to exchange, sell/buy cryptocurrency for other financial assets. Twogap App is a blockchain-based platform for investment managers, investors that seeks to connect the information, people and technology needed to manage and exchange financial asset in real time.
  • How do I invest in Twogap token (TGW) sale?
    To take part of the Token sale you will have to send cryptocurrency to a predestined address. Due to security concerns, this address will be shown promptly prior to the launch of the pre-sale. You had to join our mailing list, Slack or others community to take part in. We also require you to go through our KYC process to be accepted.

Next-generation asset management platform with Blockchain technology.

In the News

Token Sale

The token sale (TGW) will occur in December 2017. The primary purpose of the token sale will be to equip end users with the keys to activate functions on the TwoGap website, and ultimately on the TwoGap asset management platform that will go live in March 2018.


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