• In the current crypto market, many crypto investors lose their money, even lose all when the token they invest in disappear in the crypto trading exchange.
  • With the growing doubt about crypto market nowadays, current investors are likely to exit, meanwhile new investors do not want to venture into the crypto market.
  • This has spiralled the Global Crypto Market deep into a long down trend, it maybe even collapses.


  • 300 years ago until now, the appearance of Bonds have saved and thrived the Global Security Market.
  • Current Global Security Market Cap is estimated by $65 trillion Stocks plus $100 trillion Bonds. We can see the enormous scale as well as the potential of Bonds Market today.
  • In the near future, CryptoBonds will be the biggest scale stop-loss product to save Crypto Investors. In addition, Crypto Bonds Market also will be a reliable crypto market where investors who have lost their confidence in crypto market can put their trust in.
  • Coin market cap now = $267 billion
  • Future Global Crypto Market Cap is calculated to be the sum of CryptoBond Market Cap + Coin Market Cap
  • CryptoBond Issuer - Underwriter - Relayer - Investor


Twogap SolutionsTwogap Solutions

What is twogap?


TwoGap platform was formed to bring Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss product - CryptoBond.

Solution mechanism

Bond  Encrypted  CryptoBond
CryptoBond issuer  Underwriter  Relayer  Investor

Twogap Solution mechanism


  • Twogap platform is Dapp base on Ethereum blockchain infrastructure TGT token is ERC20 token
  • Programerless & most visual - graphical interface
  • Encryption, Underwriting, Relayer, Clearing by 0x protocol
  • Off - chain order relay
  • On - chain settlement
  • In 0x protocol , order are transported off - chain, massively reducing gas costs and eliminating blockchain bloat. Relayers help broadcast orders and collect a fee each time they facilitate a trade. Anyone can build a relayer.
  • Liquidity interpenetrated pool
  • Two options for issuing CryptoBond: Option one - fixed interest rate - Over Counter. Option two - bid interest - Bid - Ask
Twogap Technology


What is the next future?

Complete R & D Global Bond Market & Technology apply



Complete R & D Global Bond Market & Technology apply


Complete the whitepaper.

Partnership network building : connected with organizations.

Governmental and non-governmental associations.


ICO promotion campaign.


First CryptoBond issue on Twogap, promotes marketing through diplomacy to underdeveloped nations.


Version 1.0 go Live with Ethereum Blockchain


First CryptoBonds issue on Twogap

FY 2018 auditing


Q1 2019

Mass marketing campaign

Q2 2019

Addition of CryptoBonds instruments on the platform, Promoting marketing.

Q3 2019

Version 2.0

Q4 2019

0.1% Global Bond Market


0.5% bonds market


"Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”

- George Washington-

Twogap Luong Hoang Anh

Luong Hoang Anh

CEO - Co-Founder / Investor Communication

Twogap Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee

COO - Co-Founder

Twogap Phan Hong Dat

Phan Hong Dat

CTO - Co-Founder, Full-stack Developer / Cyber Security Expert

Twogap Posful Duong

Posful Duong

CCO -Finance, R&D, Blockchain application researcher / Content Producer

Twogap Phillip Tully

Tuan Pham Minh

CFO / Human Resource Management

Twogap Beduil Dauis

Beduil Dauis

Exchange Listing / Business Developer

Twogap John Pham

John Pham

Director of Partnership

Twogap Hoang Bac Nam

Hoang Bac Nam

Full-stack Developer / System Administrator

Twogap Mourad REDJAH


Blockchain Developer

Twogap Dinh Nhat Trung

Dinh Nhat Trung

Blockchain Developer

Twogap Andrey Romanov

Andrey Romanov

Twogap Strategic Partnerships

Twogap Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen

Mentor & Investor Communication

Twogap Mai Anh Le

Mai Anh Le

PR / Branding Expert

Twogap Trieu Vo

Trieu Vo

Motion Graphic Designer

Twogap Kai Phan

Kai Phan

UI Designer

Twogap Mikado Nguyen

Mikado Nguyen

Financial & AI Expert

Twogap Edward Nguyen

Edward Nguyen

SEO Expert/ Community management

Twogap Binh Le Van

Binh Le Van

Graphic Designer

Twogap Trieu Vo

Raghav Sawhney

Marketing Consultant

Twogap Dinh Nhat Trung

Joel Manabat

Community Manager

Twogap Sumit Kumar Pradhan

Sumit Kumar Pradhan

Community Manager

Twogap Sumit Kumar Pradhan

Ashish Rajput

Community Manager

Partners & Sponsors

“Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and, especially, in investing."

- Robert Kiyosaki-

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"He who plays advisor is no longer ambassador"

- Pierre Corneille -

Twogap Vladimir Nikitin

Vladimir Nikitin

ICO Advisor, Consulting, Exchanges Listing

Twogap Phillip Nunn

Phillip Nunn

ICO Advisor & Cryptocurrency Evangelist | Global Speaker & Blockchain Influencer

Twogap Simon Cocking

Simon Cocking

Editor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News. Blockchain Advisor

Twogap Amarpreet Singh

Amarpreet Singh

Financial Mentor & Advisor

Twogap Nikolay Shkilev

Nikolay Shkilev

ICO Advisor & Blockchain expert | Public speaker & Mentor

Twogap Marc Ortaliz

Naviin Kapoor

Founder - The Times of Crypto | ICO Advisor | Investor Relationship | Blockchain Expert

Twogap Marc Ortaliz

Marc Ortaliz

Trading Advisor

TGT Token Distribution

Twogap token economic

Smart Contract

        * @dev Function to transfer tokens
        * @param _to the address that will receive the tokens
        * @param _value The value of tokens to transfer
        function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) public {
            require(balanceOf[msg.sender] >= _value);
            balanceOf[msg.sender] -= _value;
            balanceOf[_to] += _value;
            emit Transfer(_to, _amount);


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